Jul 16
A woman who just moved talking to a young mailman

Whom to Notify When You Change Your Mailing Address

If this is your first time moving or you haven’t moved in a long time, you might not be aware of how many different people and businesses you’ll need to contact to update with your new address. But don’t worry! We’ve listed all of them below to help you out with your change-of-address process.


Set up your forwarding address with your local post office. (NOTE: There might be a small fee to do this.) Also, let your employer know what your new address or P.O. Box is so they know where to send your paychecks and tax forms.


Your bank or credit union will need your new address, as will your accountant (if you have one). If you have loans of any sort, receive any type of financial aid, or if you’ve invested in anything, you’ll need to send your new address to your loan issuers or student loan companies, financial aid issuers and investors.

Insurance Contacts:

All your insurance companies—health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, homeowner or renter’s insurance, and other insurance (motorcycle, boat, etc.)—will need to update your plans with your new address.

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Utilities & Home Services Contacts:

Your utility companies (gas, water, electric or solar power) will need your change of address along with your Internet service provider, cable or satellite provider, cell phone carrier, garbage service, lawn or gardening service, pool services and cleaning services.


Contact all doctors and dentists with your new address. If you have kids or pets, contact your babysitter or veterinarian with your change of address as well.

Memberships & Subscription:

If you’re subscribed to any magazines, subscription boxes (or meal services), or you’re with any retail club or loyalty programs (think of your local grocery stores, big box stores or bulk product stores you have cards with), it likely only takes a website visit or phone call to change your address. If you’re associated with a church, Parent-Teacher Association, scouts or youth organizations, you’ll also need to send them your new address.

Government Agencies:

Contact your local DMV (Department/ Registry Motor Vehicles), Voter Registration, and the IRS (Internal Revenue Services) with your new address. If you’re a veteran, include The Department of Veterans Affairs. If you’re an immigrant or temporary visitor, include the INS office (Green Card, visas and/or work permits).

Online/Internet Services:

Your streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Rhapsody, etc.), shopping services (like Amazon) and mapping services (such as Google Maps) will need your new address too.

Miscellaneous Contacts:

Even if it wasn’t mentioned above, it doesn’t mean you don’t still need to contact other people or services. Make sure to cover your bases.

While most of these change-of-address notifications are free, there might be a fee associated with federal or government-related changes (certainly with your driver’s license and possibly with the U.S. Postal Service). Double check with those entities to see what, if anything, you’ll need to pay.

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