Apr 27
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U-Haul Truck Rentals


Double Springs Storage’s authorized U-Haul rental service delivers affordable, easy and safe moving options for families in Fayetteville and Elkins Arkansas. With sizes ranging from 10 feet to 26 feet, U-Haul’s patented design is made specifically for moving purposes.

The 26-foot rental truck is the perfect option for a household or family move, with space that is 13% larger than the nearest competitor. All U-Haul trucks are designed for easy loading, maximum protection of your belongings, high towing capacity, safe traveling and optimum fuel efficiency. U-Haul trucks allow for an all-in-one solution to your moving needs. Simply pick the size you need and pick your rental up when you need it.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, call or visit our offices in Fayetteville or Elkins for rates on the best moving solutions. From trucks and trailers to boxes, locks, moving kits and more, let us help you make moving painless.

Truck Size In Town Daily Rate Mileage Charges on Trucks:

79¢ per mile Sunday through Thursday

99¢ per mile on Friday and Saturday

10 Feet $19.95

14 Feet $29.95

17 Feet $29.95

20 Feet $39.95

26 Feet $39.95


At Double Springs Storage, we also offer U-Haul rental trailers and towing options. U-Haul equips their trailers with a wide track and stabilized suspension for easy moving, as well as aerodynamic design for the best fuel efficiency possible. If you own a truck or towing-capable vehicle, U-Haul trailers offer a cheaper, easier moving solution compared to U-Haul trucks. Trailers are available in both enclosed and open top versions.

The enclosed trailers range from 4×8 to 6×12 in size. They are easily towable and are perfect for a situation where you need a little extra space. The open-top trailers are 5×9 and work flawlessly for transporting taller furniture or appliances.

If you’re in need of a trailer for short or long-distance moving and transportation in Fayetteville or Elkins Arkansas, contact our offices for friendly service and accommodating moving solutions.

Encloses Trailer Size In Town Daily Rate

4′ x 8′ $14.95

5′ x 8′ $18.95

6′ x 12′ $29.95

Open Top Trailer

5′ x 9′ $24.95

Unsure whether you should rent a truck or a trailer? Give us a call or reach out online to get advice from the experts.

Double Springs Storage Has Your Stuff Covered

With locations in Fayetteville, Elkins, and Springdale, we’re always here to take care of your stuff. There’s no one more 24-hour than us—we guarantee it. If you need more than just 24-hour storage, we also offer such amenities as U-Haul rentals and moving supplies. We’re your one-stop moving and storage shop.

Visit us here and contact one of our 3 locations to learn more about what we can do for you.

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