Nov 29

Things to Know When Storing&Moving Furniture and Other Home Items

There are basic things you should know when putting your personal belongings into storage that will ease the process of removing your belongings when you’re ready.

First, use specific labeling on your belongings. While it’s already standard to label items when moving, some people don’t always label their belongings clearly. It’s one thing to have a box labeled “Clothing”. But what kind of clothing is in your box? Is it summer clothing or winter clothing? Is it going in your closet or in a dresser (or both)? You might want to keep items like pajamas and sweatpants in the drawer and sportswear and leggings in the closet. These are things to keep in mind when you are labeling your boxes because it eases the process of pulling belongings out and placing them exactly where you want them to be in your new home. You can even use colorful labeling or duct tape to represent each room where you’ll place your items.

Next, think about which items you use daily and leave these items out instead of packing them. However, if you have to pack some of your daily belongings away, separate them from everything else and make them easily accessible. There’s no point in having to sift through boxes to go find your favorite blender when you use it daily.

You should also think about which of your items don’t get a lot of use. If it’s been awhile since you used a particular item but it’s still in good condition, think about selling or donating it. A local flea market or a garage sale is one way to get rid of those items and make some quick cash. But also consider selling through websites or mobile apps such as eBay, Etsy, LetGo, Mercari, OfferUp, Listia and Depop. If all else fails, find family, friends, or even coworkers to take the items off your hands. Having less junk to transport means you’ll need less space in your moving truck or storage space, saving you money.

Also, make sure there is a suitable amount of space for your items both in storage and on the moving truck. Once your belongings are boxed up, determining the right amount of space your items needed should be much easier. You can also get an estimate of the amount of space you’ll need by calling the storage facility or moving company you plan on using.

Moving and storing items is stressful enough as it is, but the above steps can help make the process that much easier.

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