Self Storage Supplies and Accessories

Check out our collection of moving and storage supplies available at Double Springs, Elkins & Ozark Mini Storage.

moving supplies


Type Size Price
Book Box 12x12x12 $1.25
Small Box 16x12x12 $1.70
Medium Box 18x18x18 $2.35
Large Box 18x18x24 $3.00
XL Box 24x18x24 $3.75

hanger storage box

Oversized Boxes and Kits

Type Price
Wardrobe Box $11.95
Dish Saver Kit $10.20
Glass Pack Kit $10.20

packing supplies-tapeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wrapping Supplies & Tape

Type Price
Box Tape $2.85
Bubble Wrap $4.05
Wrapping Paper $8.80

uhaul locks


Type Price
Pad Lock $9.95
Disc Lock $11.95

electric wires storage

For Vehicles

Type Price
Wiring Adapter $17.95
Towing Starter Kit $34.95

propane tank filling


Type Price
Propane $19.99