Dec 04
Image of a giant inflatable turkey wearing a hat on a lawn in front of a house.

How to Organize Your Seasonal Decorations

The fall and winter seasons are chock-full with holidays that require a certain amount of decorative flair, so to speak. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid and their ilk—these different celebrations usually leave our homes festooned with all sorts of seasonal decorations.

We know it’s fun to put all these festive stuff up, but we also know how much of a pain it is to get your seasonal decorations in and out of storage. With Halloween now over, you might be staring at a pile of skeletons and tombstones and cursing your own holiday spirit. Where are you supposed to put your giant inflatable turkey with this haunted mess in the way?

Before you go crazy from disorganization, check out these best practices for storing your seasonal decorations. If you follow these tips even a little bit, you’ll find your

Take Inventory

If you want to get your life back in order between seasons, first you need to know what you have. Go through all your items and take inventory of everything you have.

To most easily keep track of your stuff, we recommend keeping a spreadsheet on your phone. Google Sheets is a great and easy-to-use spreadsheet app.

Check for Damage

As you’re going through all your stuff, check for anything that’s damaged and throw it out. If anything’s damaged or not working properly—we’re looking at you, Christmas lights—toss it in the junk pile to be dealt with later.

Separate by Season

Once you’ve got everything that’s worth keeping inventoried, you can begin to organize. You can start by grouping things on your inventory sheet so you’re not trying to organize on the fly.

Start big-picture by separating your decorations by season and give each season its own floorspace in your unit. It’ll be easier to put things back when you don’t have to move other seasonal stuff out of the way. It’ll also be easier to get to next year.

Group Like Items

Getting more granular, it’s a good idea to group similar items together within the seasons. You can get good-sized storage tubs especially for certain items—and make sure you label them clearly. For instance, get one box for all your Christmas tree lights and ornaments, and another box for outdoor lights.

With related items together in one big box, you won’t need to dig through multiple boxes and create even more of a mess.

Keep It Tidy

As the seasons change and you shuffle things in and out, make sure you keep it tidy! If you let things get out of order, you’ll be back doing the same thing in a year or 2. Take the few extra minutes to put things back where you found them.

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