Apr 18


You know you need extra space and are looking into a storage unit, but aren’t sure what size to get. Sound familiar? It can be tricky to determine exactly how much space you will need in a storage unit. Luckily – Double Springs is here to offer some helpful advice that will save you time and stress.

Take Inventory

Making lists and taking inventory of all the items you want to put in storage is a great way to start the process of determining how much space you need. Before you get too entrenched in measuring everything, it’s important to have a sense of how long you’re going to be using this storage rental.

Determine Length of Rental

Will you be renting long-term or short-term? Short-term renters are generally more likely to only need the space they initially rent. Long-term renters, on the other hand, may make repeat trips to their storage unit with seasonal décor and clothing. Having an understanding of how long you will be renting and the purpose of your storage unit, will help you determine how much extra space you need.

Make Measurements

Once you’ve taken inventory of all items going into storage and determined whether or not you will need more space on a consistent basis, now you can get out the tape measure and start envisioning how furniture and boxes will be laid out in your unit. An easy way to do it is to organize and stack all items as if they’re in the storage unit, then measure the height, width and depth of all your belongings together.

Consult the Experts

The storage unit managers at your preferred location, will have a good idea of what will fit and what won’t fit into certain sized units. At Double Springs, our goal is to help you find a solution so we have mapped out our various storage unit sizes for our Fayetteville and Elkins locations.

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