Self Storage Supplies and Accessories

Check out our collection of moving and storage supplies available at Double Springs, Ozark Self Storage and Elkins Mini Storage.

moving supplies


Type Size Price
Book Box 12x12x12 $1.25
Small Box 16x12x12 $1.70
Medium Box 18x18x18 $2.35
Large Box 18x18x24 $3.00
XL Box 24x18x24 $3.75

hanger storage box

Oversized Boxes and Kits

Type Price
Wardrobe Box $11.95
Dish Saver Kit $10.20
Glass Pack Kit $10.20

packing supplies-tapeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wrapping Supplies & Tape

Type Price
Box Tape $2.85
Bubble Wrap $4.05
Wrapping Paper $8.80

uhaul locks


Type Price
Pad Lock $9.95
Disc Lock $11.95

electric wires storage

For Vehicles

Type Price
Wiring Adapter $17.95
Towing Starter Kit $34.95

propane tank filling


Type Price
Propane $19.99