Apr 18

3 Ways to Combat Clutter

Spring cleaning time is still a couple weeks away and if you have a case of cabin fever or are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter, here are a few tricks that will help keep you sane:

  • Buy a pegboard – Hanging items on the wall is a great way to clear up space on the ground or on shelves. For many, the garage can become the most cluttered place in the house. Use a pegboard to hang tools, bikes or sports equipment.peg-board


  • Tape up those wires –Use Velcro tape or twist ties to organize the mess of wires behind your television or sound system. You will be amazed at how organizing those wires will free up space and make your entertainment area look much tidier.


  • Give it away – Don’t be a hoarder. Go through old items and junk that you don’t use anymore and have no reason to keep. This stuff is just taking up valuable space and nothing feels better than purging your living space of unnecessary items.


Double Springs & Elkins Mini Storage has book boxes, small boxes, large boxes, wardrobe boxes, box tape, bubble wrap and more supplies that will help you stay organized. If you’re looking for ways to deal with the clutter in your home, talk to us about supplies and/or storage options.

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